Lee graduated from the University of Michigan in the Spring of 1989. As an avid skier, he intended to move to Colorado or Utah to ski for a year or two before continuing on to business school.  He rented an apartment in lower Manhattan, funded with proceeds from the sale of his most recent business.   Despite being financially independent, he succumbed to parental pressure and agreed to look for a temporary job until he moved out west.

With the economy what it was in 1989 coupled with his entrepreneurial inclinations, Lee looked for opportunities to start a business that would require minimal up-front investment and that would yield near term economic rewards based on his efforts and his abbreviated timetable.  This naturally led him to focus on sales positions where he could earn rewards based on his own merits.   After researching and consulting experienced, successful individuals, he narrowed his focus to insurance and investment sales. This matched his criteria and afforded him the prospect of working how, when, and with whom he liked.

After he determined his industry focus, he sought out organizations that would provide him with the best arrows for his quiver.  Lee entertained many lucrative offers but ultimately chose to work at Northwestern Mutual because they generously offered him the use of a computer, phone, as long as he paid for them.  Possessing an entrepreneurial mindset, it came down to a simple business decision: If you want to offer clients access to the best arrow in the marketplace, you must be willing to make personal concessions. Northwestern Mutual considered it a privilege to be able to offer their best in class insurance products, that consistently outperform the competition and continue to represent an exceptional value.  

Long story short: After 28 years, Lee has expanded the breadth of his practice considerably.  The roots of his temporary job taken in 1989 have led to a thriving Planning and Wealth Management Practice which encompasses three junior partners and multiple associates.

Lee spends most of his time in the closely held business owner market and with individuals in the investment industry.  Because he is still an active investor in closely held businesses, Lee is better equipped to identify with his entrepreneurial and executive clients' needs and considerations.  His extensive exposure to, and knowledge of Wall Street, helps him to better understand the considerations of his clients and offer a holistic professional perspective.

His passion for helping others is evident in every planning conversation.  Lee thrives on the planning process and considers himself a planning technician, spending the majority of his time assisting clients to “improve” upon their existing foundations.  He relishes the challenge of understanding every client's needs and objectives. Because of his extensive knowledge of the financial marketplace and competitive landscape, Lee is proud to objectively offer the best solutions for his clients to achieve their goals. Lee measures success in successful outcomes achieved for his clients and witnessing how much their lives have improved from the time they were first introduced. He is touched and humbled by their appreciation of the work they have done together.

Lee's reputation and the ethical manner in which he conducts his business, has led to being frequently sought out by colleagues and other tangential professionals to assist with the most challenging and intricate planning. Although his practice began in the tri-state area, it has grown to serve clients nationwide.

Outside of work, Lee enjoys spending time with his wife Shari and three daughters, Madelyn, Stephanie, and Olivia. There and back again, they have lived in Manhattan, Fairfield County, split time between San Diego and New York City, before ultimately returning to NYC in 2017. While not in the office, you will find Lee either on the slopes, at live music venue, enjoying a great meal, a mountain biking trail, or visiting historical travel destinations. 

Lee is philanthropic and supports a wide variety of charities. He enjoys engaging in charities that his clients support and has taken a special interest in Project A.L.S., which identifies and funds the most promising scientific research in ALS. It is his firm belief that their work will lead to the first effective treatment and ultimately a cure for ALS.

Lee Weinstein, CLU®, ChFC®
Wealth Management Advisor

Insight Financial


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